Ready to love again

The other day I met up with a girlfriend who was telling me about her new vow to remain celibate before marriage. I asked her, why did she decide to embark on a journey that would exclude something that she used to enjoy so much? My sense of fascination came from my very own desires to embark on my own personal journey of celibacy as well. My friend went into details about how her past relationship turned out to be an epic fail and how she was still in anguish from the emotional hurt and psychological scars that were a result of her breaking up with her ex. As a woman who considers herself Christian in many ways, her vow of celibacy was not based on any biblical scriptures, but more so out of pain from a persistent result of her latest broken heart. There is a social notion that we should fix broken items (at least the ones that can be repaired) before we run out and buy new ones. “If it can’t be fixed, then run out and replace it!” Should this be a correct way of thinking? Perhaps! But perhaps we need to effectively work on fixing broken items before running out to replace them. Some may think I am crazy for saying this, but perhaps we must work on fixing our souls and allowing our wounds to heal before running into the “loving arms” of our next lover, friend, or casual sex partner. Maybe we are seeking something that loving arms, dinner dates, amazing sex (at least for some), and I love you cannot give us. The human heart should be viewed as a fragile object that should undergo routine maintenance and not get “fixed” with our next conquest. Shouldn’t we take some time off to care for a broken heart? Shouldn’t we value it as we do our most prized material possessions? When it is broken it needs fixing! Time shouldn’t be the only cure for a broken heart. Personal growth, self-love, and reflection should work as sources of healing. We should not allow hatred or even memories rob us of newfound love or creating new memories. I get it! There is a great deal of fear associated with another relationship possibly failing. I say throw caution to the wind and love again. Yes, LOVE AGAIN! Love again and do so ferociously. I know that the heart has the infinite power to love again. So live, laugh, and love! I mean, after all, isn’t life about learning and loving?

feeling the wind of christmas…

its November 16, my birthday is in nine days but all i can think about is Christmas , i got my self a Christmas tree for the first time in seven years living in  Canada .  I can already  see a big difference  in my small apartment   ,  it also  brings back childhood memories .  That famous haitian pate my grandmother use to do for the New year’s Eve .   Altough I’m not a big fan of chocolate, the black forest cake is « mon péché mignon » i will let you guys look for the meaning of the expression for those who don’t understand french .  I have decided to try these two recipes for Christmas.  just to let you know what my next blog will be about .